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    The science of close quarter combat. A martial art for Body, mind and well-being.

    The Basics of Wing Chun

    Simply put Wing Chun is the martial art and skill of close-quarter fighting. But just like all Martial Arts, it’s not as easy to define as just a combat method. Martial Arts provide much more than just fighting skills. I believe that Wing Chun can and must become a way of life.


    The skills you will learn in a typical Wing Chun class will vary from the obvious striking methods you find in most Martial Arts to a complete understanding of how you move your body in relation to the forces you get from an opponent or partner. We cover power generation from a physics standpoint, making Wing Chun truly accessible to any person regardless of age, build, or temperament.


    We learn how to listen to what your and your partner’s body are doing at all times and convert this feeling into the most simple and direct way of returning an attack without using bodily strength or physical prowess. These contact skills make Wing Chun a unique learning challenge and one that can be understood easily but will keep you interested and engaged for a lifetime. So yes, you will be learning how to fight but Wing Chun will give you life skills that you will use way beyond its Martial Arts aspects.


    Classes are relaxed in nature and you will never be pressured into doing something you are uncomfortable with. To be good at Wing Chun you need to listen, relax and hone in on what your body is telling you. Once these skills are absorbed you will begin to express your Wing Chun in your own way, whether that be fighting, health, fitness, or self-defence.


    Your progression through the system is graded on a personal level, not via a manual or book. We stick to an old mantra: "it’s not how senior you are but how good.” You only need patience and dedication to learn the martial art of Wing Chun.


    HVT is affiliated to the Sifu Cliff Au Yeung Ving Tsun Method, which means we pay close attention to detail and focus on mobility, internal power, and finely tuned contact reflexes.





    Understanding how to avoid violence should be your main goal in Self-Defence.

    Reality Based Self-Protection.

    At Havant Wing Chun we focus most of our training on our Wing Chun skills, however, when it comes to using our skills to protect ourselves and our loved ones, we take it very seriously. Self-defense or to use its modern term, Self-Protection is, in my opinion, one of the most misunderstood subjects in Martial Arts in the modern era.


    When they want to learn self-defense, most people believe the best thing they can do is join a Martial Arts club and/or learn to fight. This is simply wrong. A Martial Arts class, unless it has good knowledge of Reality-Based Self-Defence (RBSD) or combatives will not provide you with the correct methods you need. That is not to say that this is true for all Martial Arts classes as there are clearly specialist classes. This is a mistake I made when wanting to learn Self-Defence skills. But it is a mistake I corrected by seeking out the best RBSD and combatives coaches in the country and training hard for many years to understand what skills (if any) are needed to survive a violent encounter. This lesson was a hard-earned one but one that has stayed with me and will be given to you when you join our classes.


    Reasonable self-defence has almost nothing to do with Martial Arts or even fighting itself. Its main focus should be on avoidance at all costs and only a simple set of brutal physical techniques to be deployed in a totally last-resort situation.


    Simply put, if things become physical then it will always end badly. Either through injury, monetary or legal issues, or even worse.


    In my opinion, some Martial Arts classes do more harm than good when teaching what they call “self-defence” giving people a false sense of security rather than a way of seeing danger before it happens and being taught a limited but effective skillset to deal with the worse case scenarios when they happen.


    In our RBSD sessions, you will mainly be learning that small set of physical skills, with the soft-skills being taught via specialist Zoom or in-person classes. All as part of our Wing Chun syllabus.



    If you are looking for a fun but important event for your company, maybe as a group training even or a staff activity. Then look no further the Havant Wing Chun. We can supply bespoke training for your company, which can focus on fitness, self defence, Wing Chun Kung Fu or a combination of all three. We offer competative rates and can design a 2 to 3 hour session to get you all moving and learning.


    Prices vary depending on what you need so please do not hesitate to use the contact form to request a quote.


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    Wing Chun, Martial Arts, Kung Fu

    Private lessons

    One-to-one tuition


    1-hour session

    Individual Focus!

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  • Private Lessons

    Bespoke one-on-one sessions. Tailored to your individual goals!

    Wing Chun, Martial Arts, Kung Fu, Self defence

    Fully equipped home training area!

    In addition to the weekly classes, I also offer private training opportunities. These lessons are mainly designed for current students to enhance their skills and understanding of Wing Chun, however, under the right circumstances, I will consider taking on new private students.




    We can focus on Wing Chun skills, Self-Protection, or a combination of both. I have a fully equipped home kwoon (training area) with a wooden dummy and various training aids.


    Please contact me for more information.